Do you regularly water your trees, yard, and landscaping during the winter months?

Your landscape can be covered in snow, but it still needs some attention and upkeep even during the snowy season. Winter weather is often drier and plants need periodic watering to keep them healthy during their dormant state. Winter watering can also prevent root damage by giving shrubs and trees a more accessible water source than water waste pipes.

Water when the weather is above freezing. This is crucial. It is recommended watering custom landscapes only when the temperature is above 40 degrees, and the soil is not frozen. Plan to water your landscape once or twice a month from November to April. Pay close attention to your watering schedule during March and April; when new roots are forming. Water landscapes during midday to avoid freezing, and slowly for better absorption.

Which plants should be watered? The first priority should be established landscapes. This is especially important for areas that constantly receive sun or wind exposure. Secondly, water newly planted trees, flowers and shrubs. Plants that are extremely xeric do not require any watering.

Winter watering will ensure your landscape springs beautifully to life as the weather turns warmer. Therefore, homeowners should take the necessary steps to hydrate landscaping even though it appears to be brown and unresponsive. Some plants may appear lifeless during the winter months, but they are simply resting up to make a vibrant return in the springtime.