Courtesy of Hindman Sanchez, Hammersmith Management has become aware of a current scam being perpetuated on owners in community associations. This scam takes place in the form of a mailing which owners receive indicating that if they are paying HOA fees through a bill-pay service, they should “pay particular attention to the remittance instructions. Our remittance address for payments has changed and it is imperative that you update the bill pay instructions accordingly. The new remittance address is …” (and it offers a fake address where payments go to the scammer, not your HOA)

If you know your management company has not changed their payment address or banking partner, simply disregard these scam mailings.


However, it is possible for management companies to change banking partners. In this case payment options would change. Please check carefully to ensure all information regarding payment changes comes directly from your management company. Do not hesitate to contact your management company if you have questions.

Hammersmith offers several options for paying assessments. If you have any questions about the methods in which you can pay your assessments, or if you receive a notice or any written communication that you are unsure of, contact Hammersmith Management at 303-980-0700 or email

Assessment payments are in integral part of community associations. They are the required funds collected from homeowners that go towards the HOA to pay for maintenance, common area landscaping, and recreational facilities. Ensuring these funds get to the correct place is vital for each and every community association.