Summer is right around the corner and that means one big part of many HOAs is about to take center stage: the community pool. Perhaps the most widely used amenity of any association, it’s important that each community is prepared for pool season.

Before the first splash into the water, make sure your community pool meets the checklist:

 As the season approaches check to make sure the surface of the pool is in good shape. Resurfacing a pool takes time, planning, and money, but is a necessity if your pool contains cracks, blisters and discoloration.

Obtain the proper permits to operate and open the pool.

Contract a pool vendor to provide the ongoing maintenance throughout the season.

Ensure all staff is trained properly, including lifeguards.

Set clear pool rules and guidelines for residents to follow.

Provide pool keys to homeowners and information about guests or sign in procedures.

While some of these tasks fall on the shoulders of the Community Manager, the community pool is an association-wide responsibility. Add agenda items to Board of Directors meetings to address maintenance issues, drafting pool rules, or pool key and guest policies.

A quick check of your association’s pool prior to the opening day can prevent many problems, and ensure a fun pool season all summer long!