As the community association management industry continues to evolve and be impacted by laws and legislation, you can’t help but notice how fast things change. Which is why the theme of this year’s CAI’s Spring Showcase was “Staying Ahead of the Curve”. At the showcase CAI invited Derek Daly, a Hall of Fame Formula One race car driver, to speak about the speed of business and how it seems to get faster and faster every year, similar to racing. In fact, Daly pointed out that the 200 mph mark used to be the standard by which every race car driver was measured, and now you wouldn’t even pass your rookie test doing 200 mph. “Speed isn’t about going faster, it’s about being faster,” explained Daly.

Racing teams are similar to companies in that it takes a team effort to achieve goals. Teams that go to the victory podium make a statement – “My team of people are the best!” To be the best you must have the right people in the right places on your team. Does your Board of Directors work as a team? Are the right people working for your association? Daly broke down what it takes to be a successful team:

Preparation – Where are you at in your preparation for the everyday race? Teams that have gone through their checklist prior to the race and are determined to win have a significant edge on the competition as opposed to the teams who are just happy to be there and are having to go through last minute checks.

Innovation – Daly pointed out that there are 3 racing teams that have won more championships in the past 64 years, than all the other teams combined. Those teams are Ferrari (14), McLaren (12), and Williams (7). What separated these teams through the history of the sport was their innovation and creativity. They created new ways to be faster to the finish line. Hammersmith is proud to be an innovator in the HOA industry, and we hope our associations recognize the new and creative methods we use to manage our communities.

Teamwork – As previously mentioned, it takes a total team effort to achieve goals. We strive for our managers work well with our board members and vendors to ensure your community achieves its goals.

Challenge yourself and your community to take a look at your Preparation, Innovation, and Teamwork to see if there are things that could make your neighborhood and community reach the victory podium and stay ahead of the curve in today’s fast-paced society.