With the new year comes time to reflect on the past and make a list of things to improve upon in the upcoming year. This is something that even Board of Directors should do! Reflect on your past Board Meetings, events and things you would like to accomplish. One of those changes may be to have more effective Board Meetings.

Whether you have monthly or quarterly meetings, having a well-run Board Meeting is one key to the success of your Association. There are several approaches boards can take, and in this series we will provide some suggestions on how your Association too can have efficient meetings that save time and serve to provide overall success for you community.

Planning and Organization

The Board should spend time each year discussing what they intend to accomplish then proceed to set clear goals with deadlines for completion. A strategy session held at the end of each year is a great way to get the new year off to a focused start, and serves to reduce the amount of unnecessary and time-consuming dialogue throughout the year. Boards should include target dates when setting goals for larger projects, which allows the Board to attend to one issue or item at a time, or “peel the onion” bit by bit. The Board calendar is also a great tool, but it is important to include specific information in the calendar to encourage accountability and attention to planned activities.

Create a Board binder or notebook to neatly file governing documents, contracts, budgets, state law, and other reference materials in one location for quick and easy reference. A little bit of time spent accumulating and organizing resources saves a lot of time searching for documentation when the need arises.

Remember each Board is different, so find the way that fits your Board to ensure you are organized for each meeting.