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Winter Watering

Do you regularly water your trees, yard, and landscaping during the winter months? Your landscape can be covered in snow, but it still needs some attention and upkeep even during the snowy season. Winter weather is often drier and plants need periodic watering to keep them healthy during their dormant state. Winter watering can also prevent root

Effective Board Meetings

With the new year comes time to reflect on the past and make a list of things to improve upon in the upcoming year. This is something that even Board of Directors should do! Reflect on your past Board Meetings, events and things you would like to accomplish. One of those changes may be to

The New HAM Radio Bill: Bad News For Communities, Bad News For Your Home

Hammersmith Management would like to inform you of the Amateur Radio Parity Act (S. 1685), which is scheduled for mark-up in the Senate Commerce Committee on November 18. One of our Colorado Senators, Cory Gardner, serves on the Senate Commerce Committee. It is very important he hears from you today, and this is why: In its current

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