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As we gear up for the final quarter of 2014 and look toward the calendar turning to 2015, changes are taking place at Hammersmith Management. The latest change is with HMI’s banking partner – Pacific Premier Bank. Pacific Premier specializes in meeting the banking needs of associations and community management companies. Because Pacific Premier has expertise in community association banking, they understand the demand for affordable, distinctive and customized solutions.

What this means for communities that are managed by Hammersmith is there will be an initial remittance address change, to begin in 2015. Note: we strongly urge all homeowners, whether or not their communities are managed by Hammersmith, to pay close attention to their payments as scams have been reported.

Pacific Premier has spoken with our lockbox partner as well as our HOA operations team about this issue and offered the following information to assist homeowners:

  • A homeowner can contact the Pacific Premier Bank directly at 1-866-468-1110 to verify the correct remittance address for their association.
  • A valid remittance address will always include the zip code + last 4 digits of the P.O. Box.  (ex. P.O. Box 12345 will have a zip code of zip+2345)
  • Any changes in remittance information would come directly from Hammersmith Management.  Pacific Premier Bank will never contact owners directly.
  • Remittance address changes would always be accompanied by replacement payment coupons/statement including their full account information, never just a notification letter with change of address.

Hammersmith is excited to work with Pacific Premier, and as our new banking partner, Pacific Premier has created a full suite of special services for your association and HMI, including:

  • Colorado Lockbox and Payment Address
  • Elimination of the Monthly $35.00 Operating Account Service Fee
  • Higher Interest Earning Money Market Accounts
  • Competitive Loan Rates for Construction/Reserve Projects
  • Seamless Transition of ACH Payments to Pacific Premier without homeowners needing to resubmit documents
  • Enhanced Security Controls to Further Reduce Risk and Potential Fraud
  • Online Payment Channels for Assessments, including Credit Cards and e-Checks
  • Local Community Banking Representative with Community Association Institute Designation as Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM®)