As the weather turns from the cold of winter to the sunny days of spring, it is the perfect time to walk your community and note what, if any, work needs to be done to keep your association looking its best. Regular site visits are conducted by community managers, but board members and residents can also take a look around the neighborhood, especially as the weather warms up and we get into spring. Having a plan in place makes dealing with problems easier and has the community looking beautiful sooner.

Items to pay special attention to include which plants, bushes, or trees survived through the winter and which did not, repair or replacement of sidewalks, fences, pool or playground equipment, or anything else that had to endure the wear and tear of the harsh winter season. Starting a checklist is a simple way to ensure everything gets looked at. It is also important to make sure all vendor contracts are in place or are being drawn up.

With vendors in place and a list of items in hand, the first steps of creating a beautiful community have begun. As the weather turns, landscapers can begin clean-up of branches, leaves, or garbage then move right into planting season in April.