In today’s multi-media world, it’s easy to catch the attention of many with pictures or video. If these photos or videos happen to involve a problem within a homeowners association, it’s also easy to catch the attention of the local media.

There was a recent story in the news of condo owners upset that their parking spaces were flooding causing damage to their vehicles. This is obviously an important issue that needs a resolution. While some websites suggest seeking out local media to pressure your HOA to “give in”, there are several reasons we advise against this.

Incorrectly reported facts. The facts aren’t always reported in their entirety or what’s told to the media isn’t always exactly what makes it in the news. A missing part of a quote from a homeowner can change the entire message. Also, media members are not experts on common interest communities. The world of HOAs and management companies is complex. The relationship between an HOA and the management company is often misunderstood, resulting in them being grouped together as one entity.  The HOA is a corporation and ruled by governing documents and by-laws. The Management company is ruled by State statues and the Board of Directors

Future tension. A resolution discussed within the community between a homeowner and the HOA board can have a lasting positive result. The same cannot be said for a resolution following a dispute that was made public. Board members and homeowners need to be willing to work with each other before issues escalate and grudges form.

Bad publicity. Your community and its property values can be impacted by a public feud. Any potential homebuyers who see an association in the news that is having issues with their current homeowners most likely won’t want to look at making a purchase in that community.  

We strongly encourage homeowners to attend the regularly scheduled board meetings and engage in a dialog with members of their board face to face. Get to know your neighbors and board members so if there are issues that arise it’s easy to talk with them and come to a quick, peaceful, and private resolution.