With HGTV being one of the most widely watched television networks, it’s no secret Homeowners are looking to do a few changes of their own this upcoming year. That being said, make sure you are within your Community’s rules and regulations before starting a home improvement project!  The guideline standards that you’ll find within your perspective Communities are developed to find a balance between individual rights and the good of the entire association – most notably, property values.

DO – Read through your Association’s design guidelines before planning any home improvement project.

DO – Fill out a Design Request Form and submit it in to your Board of Directors.

DO – Wait to get a response from either the Board of Directors or the Design Review Committee.

DO – Ensure you have the proper permit, if necessary, for your project.

DON’T – Begin construction or repaint the exterior of your home without communicating with the Board of Directors and submitting a Design Request Form.

DON’T – Change the plan, design, or color of your project once the Design Request Form has been approved by the Board or Design Review Committee.

DON’T – Argue with the design guidelines. Guidelines maintain architectural standards and provide a basis for treating all Homeowners fairly and reasonably.

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