Talking with immediate neighbors is an easy thing to do. When you are next door, you see them most often either coming to or going from their house and you can quickly say hello, or ask a brief question. But what about those neighbors a few houses down? You may not get the chance to have even a quick interaction with them. That’s why in Part 4 of our Keeping the Peace series, we introduce a way to gather all the neighbors together. This way neighbors down the block get to know each other and get off on the right foot, instead of having someone spot something from a distance that may annoy them and escalate into a problem.

Hold Events.

Initiate community events that bring neighbors together. Use the community clubhouse or meet at a local coffee shop. Start a book club, play card or board games, host a barbeque, plan a stargazing event, or have a cookie exchange.

Keep in mind, the building community approach to neighbor dispute resolution will take some time and may not yield immediate results, but the bottom line is; invest a little bit of time into community gatherings, have neighbors get know each other and learn how to interact with each other, and it may just prevent several potential conflicts later on.