In community associations, neighbors may come and go without many of their other neighbors even noticing. In Part 3 of our “Keeping the Peace” series, we discuss how just the smallest act of welcoming a new neighbor or family to the community can make all the difference.

Be Welcoming.

HOAs should engage their community with a spirit of hospitality. New homeowners moving into your Association is the perfect opportunity to do something right away to welcome them. Form a Welcoming Committee to greet new neighbors. This Welcoming Committee should spend a few minutes with the new neighbor(s) and answer any questions they may have about the association, let them know when and where board meetings are, and help them feel comfortable in their new community and with the HOA. Bringing a gift is also a good idea as spending just $5 or $10 on a flower pot, a welcome mat, or a picture frame can make someone feel special. Enlist help from local vendors for coupons or gift cards. Even a simple greeting card, refrigerator magnet, favorite recipes, or a map with local “hot spots” can be effective.

The bottom line is, the more comfortable and welcome you make new neighbors feel, the more likely they are to live there a long time and get along with fellow neighbors instead of causing the association headaches.