“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” – Winston Churchill

Countries, leaders, businesses, and people need to change and grow in order to improve. Change is often frightening, and requires flexibility of those engaged in it.

Associations change in response to legislation, homeowner needs and demographics, costs, and the need to protect and maintain real-estate values.

At Hammersmith, we understand the necessity and positive nature of change. We know that changing to enhance services or meet the needs of our clients is essential. The team at HMI has been working on new strategies to add additional value to the communities we serve and making organizational changes to accommodate anticipated growth. We’re introducing these new developments throughout the year, and are pleased to announce the first of several changes that are designed to deliver platinum service.

  • We are creating the new position of Senior Facilities Engineer.  The individual filling this role will serve as a resource for our Boards, offer support and expertise on building systems, unify our shared knowledge base, and cross-train team members for increased efficiency.
  • Ms. Ann Williams has been promoted to President of Hammersmith Management and under her leadership, the team will continue to look for solutions and enhanced services to help us maintain our position as Leaders In Community Management™. John Hammersmith will remain as CEO.

To facilitate these changes and provide proper attention to plan these changes, earlier this year, Hammersmith’s Senior Management Team attended an executive retreat focused on mapping out the Company’s vision and organizational structure.   We challenged ourselves to achieve these goals in order to accommodate the Company’s present and future growth plans while maintaining platinum service.

We promise to keep you informed as we grow and change, and will post here often.

Our Vision Statement:

At Hammersmith we are passionate innovators. We take risks, go big and grow. We commit to integrity. We invest in ourselves, our clients, and our communities. We foster a productive environment with high standards. We empower our team to engage, contribute and deliver platinum service, positively impacting the world where we live, work and play.