Yesterday, Hammersmith Management held its Spring Quarterly Meeting. But unbeknownst to our CEO before the meeting, we also turned it into a surprise 35th Anniversary party. See the photos below from the celebration, and thank you so much for being a part of our success!


CEO John Hammersmith was surprised during the meeting by his mother and company co-founder, Donna Hammersmith Austin (left) and his wife, Karen Hammersmith (right).

crowdOur Team Members now number more than 250, and the majority were in attendance yesterday. It’s great to be able to get the whole company together!


The celebration featured a performance by Colorado Music Hall of Famer Lannie Garrett and her band. They were fantastic, as usual!


This oil painting is one of the gifts we gave to John as a company. The likeness is unreal!


We also commissioned a custom tie and pocket square bearing the HMI colors and logo from local tie company, Knotty Tie. They both turned out great!


Marc Anacker was awarded Hammersmith Management’s Platinum Service Award during the meeting. His dedication to our Board members, Homeowners and fellow Team Members hasn’t gone unnoticed!


Lynae Guardado received The Elaine Batchelor Award of Distinction for the 2nd time in her career here at Hammersmith! She was our corporate nominee this time. Congratulations, Lynae!


Karen Garcia was the on-site recipient for The Elaine Batchelor Award of Distinction this quarter. Well-earned, Karen!