When you think of your favorite sports team, it’s easy to attribute its success or failure to the actions of a single star player or two. Take the latest NBA Finals for example. With headlines like “LeBron James leads Cavaliers to NBA Title” and “Steph Curry Chokes as Warriors Lose in Game 7,” it’s clear that the media buys into and perpetuates this perception as well. Michael Jordan is synonymous with the Chicago Bulls, Tom Brady with The Patriots, Derek Jeter with The Yankees, and on and on.

What this narrative ignores is that the performance of these players is directly dependent on their partnership with their fellow teammates, coaches, physical trainers, and other members of their team’s organization. Nobody could get in to watch them play without ticket salesmen; without a general manager to manage the operations and finances of the team, nobody would get paid; somebody has to clean the locker room after the game, and his name probably isn’t “Kevin Durant.”

At Hammersmith, we view Community Management with the same team approach. Your Association Business Manager may be the most familiar face to you as a Board member or Homeowner, and it may seem like they’re doing everything for your Community by themselves. But in reality, your Manager is supported by a team of Client Services coordinators, accounting professionals, directors, event specialists, construction experts, hospitality staff, and so many more individuals within HMI. “Partnership” is one of our five core values, and over our more than 35 years in business we’ve found this team approach to be the best way to deliver the highest level of full service management.

When we say “full service management,” we mean that we provide a full suite of customizable services that many other management companies do not. While other companies may provide strictly management and accounting services, we believe that to thrive, your Community needs access to more than that.

At Hammersmith, we see the value in beautifully-designed newsletters that are sent out on time and say exactly what you want to say to your fellow Homeowners. We believe that nothing brings a Community together like a well-planned and executed event. We believe that financials should be accurate, easy to understand, and delivered in a timely fashion. We understand that construction projects should be on time and under budget. And we know that your Manager can’t deliver all of this on their own, nor should they ever be asked to.

That’s why, at Hammersmith, Community Management is a team sport. Your Manager is supported by our entire organization, and by extension, so are you as a Board member or Homeowner in one of our Communities. When we help your Community succeed, we count that as a win for our entire team. And when we fall short, we take a team approach to evaluating where the mistake was made, and take steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again. That’s the definition of true teamwork, and one of the reasons we’ve become Leaders in Community Management®.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks as we highlight the various positions within Hammersmith Management. We’re calling it our “Team Sport” campaign, and we’re so excited to introduce you to our lesser-known players as well as your familiar all-stars.