Last Friday, November 14th, a group of Hammersmith Team Members enjoyed their day of “Hammertime”, volunteering at the Denver Rescue Mission. As Leaders in Community Management™, our team is committed to making a difference through philanthropic endeavors. On a quarterly basis our Philanthropic Task Force organizes nominations from all team members, and selects one non-profit to promote and support.

The Denver Rescue Mission was founded in 1892 and has grown since then. It strives to change lives in the name of Christ by meeting people at their physical and spiritual points of need, with the goal of returning them to society as productive, self-sufficient citizens. The Denver Rescue Mission is the oldest, full-service Christian charity in the Rocky Mountain region. Thriving today as non-denominational organization, no one is denied services because of gender, race, color, creed, national origin, religion, age, handicap, political affiliation, sex, sexual orientation, or marital, parental or military status.

Please take a moment to visit their website and learn about all the impressive programs the Denver Rescue Mission offers those in need.