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The Speed of Business

As the community association management industry continues to evolve and be impacted by laws and legislation, you can't help but notice how fast things change. Which is why the theme of this year's CAI's Spring Showcase was "Staying Ahead of the Curve". At the showcase CAI invited Derek Daly, a Hall of Fame Formula One race car driver, to speak

Keeping the Peace – Third Party Intervention (Part 5)

As we wrap up our series on Keeping the Peace in your community association, it seems that no matter how much effort is put into resolving conflicts peacefully or preemptive measures taken to welcome new neighbors and invite the entire community to events, there are the inevitable struggles that arise between neighbors. In Part 5

Colorado Legislation – Transfer Fees

A week into the 2014 legislative session in Colorado and there’s already noise being made on the HOA front. Representative Jeanne Labuda (D-Denver) has informed CAI’s Colorado Legislative Action Committee that she has decided to proceed with the introduction of a bill that would regulate the transfer fees which management companies and managers may charge

Becoming an Effective Board Member – Education

  Now that your Annual Meeting has been held, budget ratified, and new board members elected, it’s time for those new board members to get comfortable in their roles and help positively influence your association. There are several keys to becoming an effective board member, and we will address many of them throughout the year. Even

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