Homeowner Contractor Connection

With spring right around the corner, homeowners may be contemplating doing that home repair that has been left unattended all winter. If this repair is not covered by your Association, you may be wondering where to start in your search for a contractor. Let Hammersmith help. With all the different companies and contractors out there, it’s tough to find

Keeping the Peace – Third Party Intervention (Part 5)

As we wrap up our series on Keeping the Peace in your community association, it seems that no matter how much effort is put into resolving conflicts peacefully or preemptive measures taken to welcome new neighbors and invite the entire community to events, there are the inevitable struggles that arise between neighbors. In Part 5

Keeping the Peace – Be Welcoming (Part 3)

In community associations, neighbors may come and go without many of their other neighbors even noticing. In Part 3 of our "Keeping the Peace" series, we discuss how just the smallest act of welcoming a new neighbor or family to the community can make all the difference. Be Welcoming. HOAs should engage their community with

Keeping the Peace – Introductions (Part 2)

In any Association there will probably be certain behavior that brings with it complaints from neighbors. Resolving these conflicts quickly and effectively is key to keeping the peace in your community. The questions are what can be done to reach a resolution and does the Association, Board of Directors, or community manager have an obligation to step

Becoming an Effective Board Member – Education

  Now that your Annual Meeting has been held, budget ratified, and new board members elected, it’s time for those new board members to get comfortable in their roles and help positively influence your association. There are several keys to becoming an effective board member, and we will address many of them throughout the year. Even

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